This App Keeps You From Missing Your Flight

If you consistently find yourself scrambling to get out the door in time for a flight, a new digital service has your name written all over it.

Travel-organizing app TripIt has introduced new features designed with the scatterbrained traveler in mind.

Go Now is one of those features. Travelers using the Go Now feature are alerted 24 hours before any U.S. domestic flight with information about when and how to get to the airport based on their location, current flight status and local traffic conditions.  The feature also has a countdown timer that begins two hours before your flight, along with notifications that let users know when they have 10 minutes before they need to leave the house.

“Even for the most seasoned travelers, finding the right time to leave for the airport can be tricky, especially in an unfamiliar city,” said Jen Moyse, TripIt’s director of product.

“Add in a flight delay or cancelation, and suddenly your day is ruined; with Go Now, we’ll take all of that into consideration so you don’t have to.”

The app’s other new feature, TripIt Navigator, shows users which transportation options are available, their estimated costs and their projected arrival times.

The app itself costs $49 a year, but for the absent-minded adventurer, it could prove priceless.

h/t Travel and Leisure  


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