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This $24,000 Joint Was Auctioned Off For Charity

A $24,000 joint was recently auctioned off to support anti-poaching campaigns in Africa. Coming in at 1.5 pounds and 30 inches long, the "World's Most Expensive Joint" sounds like something only Cheech and Chong could imagine. But it was actually more high-art than stoner-daydream.

The massive joint contained a pound of flower, 6 ounces of concentrate and 2 ounces of bubble hash, according to Lex Corwin of Stone Road Farms - the LA-based company that commissioned the marijuana monstrosity. 

"Smoking this would definitely be a multi-day endeavor," Corwin told The Huffington Post. “After three or four hits, you’d be couch-locked."

The joint itself was wrapped in rolling papers crafted from 24-karat gold leaf. And instead of the normal, straight-and-normal joint, this 'j' was shaped like an elephant's tusk. A fitting design choice seeing as the money raised in the auction is destined for the African Wildlife Foundation to aid in their efforts to protect African Elephants against poachers.

"Elephants are being slaughtered in unprecedented numbers," Corwin said. "Our generation could literally wipe the most majestic land animal off the face of the earth for all future generations."

Although the joint was valued at a total of $24,000, it only netted $4000 at auction. But that underwhelming return for the spliff won't burn a hole in the foundation's budget.

“Everything was donated, and the person who bought it is my biggest investor, so it’s staying in the family,” Corwin said.

He added that the buyer is already planning out their smoke-sesh for their behemoth purchase. "We’ll definitely do it on video."

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