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5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Steven Seagal

If you think the plots of Steven Seagal's action movies don't make sense, you should take a look at his life off-screen. The action star's side projects are more stunning than his Aikido kicks. Here are five things you probably didn't know about Steven Seagal, who turns 65 today.

1. Breaking James Bond

Before starring in his own action movies, Seagal worked as a fight choreographer for films like the James Bond feature Never Say Never Again (1983). And he left a permanent impression on the film's star - Sean Connery - by breaking his wrist during rehearsal.

“I was going to do a film called 'Never Say Never Again' and there was a possibility I was going to Aikido and what have you," Connery told Jay Leno in 1996. "And I got a hold of Steven and we had this training in the building where I had an apartment....And I got a little cocky...and he broke my wrist.”

Thanks to that injury, Connery hasn't been able to reach into his pocket with his right hand since the 80s.

2. Singing Career

In 2005, a 53-year-old Seagal took his career in a different direction by launching a highly unsuccessful music career. His debut album Songs from the Crystal Cave received exactly the sort of reviews you'd expect. 

"Never released in America - perhaps for good reason - actor Steven Seagal's debut album as a musician is a kind of wonderful mess: it's so all over the place, it can't make up its mind what it wants to be," Thom Jurek of AllMusic wrote. "There are so many styles here - from adult contemporary to soft rock, triple-A format pop tunes, rock tunes fused with Jamaican dancehall (no kidding!), softcore, nocturnal urban blues, and faux soul - that finding the album's center is difficult, to say the least." 

Jurek added that one of the album's saving graces is the song 'My God,' which features "a killer harmonica solo by Stevie Wonder." Yes, the Stevie Wonder got mixed up in this recording and turned in a stellar performance. Maybe Wonder heard about what happened to Connery when he messed with Seagal.

3. Part-Time Law Enforcer 

On top of acting and singing, Seagal also moonlights as a reserve sheriff at the infamous checkpoint of the stars - a federal inspection station in Texas where celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson have been busted for marijuana possession over the years. 

4. Russian Pitchman

Steven Seagal acts in action commercials as well as movies. And not just in America, where he has shot slapstick ads for companies like Mountain Dew. He's also appeared in commercials for Russian cellphone company MegaFon. In this ad, Seagal scares off a gang of Russian muggers with an intimidating haiku.


5. Russian Citizenship

And speaking of Russia, Steven Seagal recently became a citizen of America's former Cold War rival. In November 2016, Russia granted Seagal's request to become a citizen after the actor spent years lobbying the government. The induction ceremony was overseen by none other than President Vladimir Putin, who hoped the occasion would change Russo-American relations forever.

"I hope this is going to be another step - albeit small [but nevertheless] a sign of further normalization of our interstate relations."

So don't be surprised if Seagal's next big role features him testifying before the House Intelligence Committee investigating President Donald Trump's connections with Russia.

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