20 Things You Can Buy With The Colorado Cannabis Industry's $1.3 Billion

Colorado's gamble with marijuana legalization is paying off big time. The state's legal medical and recreational marijuana industries made $1.3 billion in 2016 alone. 

To put that into perspective, here are 20 things you can buy with $1.3 billion.

1. New Schools

Based on the median costs of building schools in America in 2014, you could turn that $1.3 billion into 60 new elementary schools, 37 new middle schools or 22 new high schools.

2. Ivy League Education

Or if you'd rather help people get a top flight education, you could use that $1.3 billion to give 5,156 Harvard undergrads free tuition, fees and room and board for their entire four-year degree, based on 2016 estimates.

3. Becoming Batman



It would cost you $682,450,750 to become Batman, according to comic book historian Thaddeus Howze. That estimate includes the Batsuit, the Dark Knight's gadgets, martial arts training, Wayne Manor, the Batcave and a butler.

So with $1.3 billion, you and a friend could become co-caped crusaders. Or you could flip a coin and the loser has to be Robin.

4. Becoming Captain America

If the price tag for becoming Batman is a bit too high for your taste, you could become Captain America for the low, low price of $55,114,200 according to the British entertainment company Twizzle. And with that billion bucks, you could turn 22 friends into co-captains.

5. School Bus Armada

That $1.3 billion dollars is roughly enough to buy 11,764 school buses, based on estimates from 2015.

6. 40 Texas Rangers

You could also use that $1.3 billion you could become a Major League Baseball magnate by buying the Texas Rangers. Or you could put that money toward the Detroit Tigers, San Diego Padres, Toronto Blue Jays or one of another 18 MLB teams

7. NBA Champions

1200px LeBronWizards1

Or you could kick it courtside with LeBron James by buying up the Cleveland Cavaliers or 20 other NBA teams.

8. Any NHL Team

If you'd rather make a splash on the ice, you can buy any of the NHL's teams with $1.3 billion -- including Original Six franchises like the New York Rangers and Montreal Canadiens, or the 2016 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins.

9. Ambulances

Or you could put that money toward buying 5,200 ambulances fully equipped with lifesaving devices. 

10. Firetrucks


That $1.3 billion could also fetch approximately 1,857 firetrucks with pumper engines. Or you could splurge on 1,000 engines that also come with aerial bucket ladders.

11. Police Cruisers

Or you could pick up approximately 24,974 Ford Interceptor police cruisers with the latest equipment for fighting crime.

12. AT-AT Platoon

And if you really want to keep the streets safe, you could use that $1.3 billion to buy 6 AT-AT's from The Empire Strikes Back. Just hope that street thugs aren't packing A-Wing starfighters with tow cables nowadays.

13. Trips to the Moon

Or if you want to head into outer space yourself, you could put that billion toward 8 return trips to the Moon, courtesy of the lunar tourism group Space Adventures. Or maybe you could take one epic trip with seven friends.

14. Trump Jets

If you'd rather travel around Earth in ludicrous style, you could use the $1.3 billion to buy 13 of President Trump's specially customized Boeing 757 jets, complete with gold-plated seat belts and a luxury bedroom.

15. Tropical Islands

Tropical Island

Or if you want an exotic place to fly to, you could cut a few jets from your budget and invest that money in Caribbean islands. With $1.3 billion, you could buy all 10 from this island retail list, which includes ocean properties in the South Pacific and the Caribbean.

16. Free Healthcare

You can't solve the world's problems with $1.3 billion. But you can pay the average healthcare fees for 136,511 Americans for one year with that money.  

17. Free Ambulance Rides

Or you could use that money to pick up the tab on as many as 582,455 ambulance rides so that people can get into the emergency room without worrying that the visit will be fatal for their bank accounts. 

18. Free Dental Care

And if you'd rather give Americans something to smile about, you could pay the average annual dental fees for 1,839,457 Americans with $1.3 billion. 

19. The Survival of 841 Endangered Species

That $1.3 billion just so happens to be enough to help 841 endangered species stave off extinction for a year. And we're not talking about picking one from that list. We're talking about giving all 841 critters a new lease on life. Those animals include the whooping crane, the pygmy hog and the ploughshare tortoise.

20. A Truly All-American Thanksgiving


Or you can treat the nation to Thanksgiving dinner. According to Maurie Backman of The Motley Fool, the average Thanksgiving dinner in America only cost $50.11 in 2015.

And we're not just talking about a box of stuffing and a can of cranberry sauce on the side of a Hungry Man entree. Backman's estimate was for a meal for 10 featuring a 16 pound turkey with stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and dessert.

With $1.3 billion, you could buy that deluxe dinner for approximately 259,429,255 Americans. Which is only about 60 million shy of the entire population of the country. So if everyone else pitched in a bit, you could make sure that everyone across the United States gets to break bread on turkey day.


California may have been the first in the country to pioneer cannabis law reform, but the Golden State is still struggling to eliminate the black market and sell affordable, legal pot. In 1996, California voters passed Prop 215 to legalize medical marijuana. In the years immediately following its passage, medical cannabis was a small and largely unregulated affair.

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