Things We Love: MedMen

Here at Civilized, there are many things that we love, and one of those many things that we love is MedMen. According to Daniel Yi, the Director of Communications, MedMen is a management company that oversees a number of facilities on behalf of the license holder under the MedMen brand. With the simple vision that cannabis is a consumer product, MedMen began in 2010, two years before Colorado became the first legalized state, so they are pioneers in the cannabis industry, which Yi knows is the next big “tech boom.”

There is no other industry that is growing at the pace that the cannabis industry is, “We’re talking about you know, 40% a year, right. I think a couple years ago, by some estimates it was a little less than $5 billion and in the space of two years, it went from $5 billion in sales to $7 billion in sales.” To boast the industry even more, the number of states that legalized marijuana doubled in the 2016 Election. Even though the War on Drugs is still a major threat to further this growth and the industry, companies like MedMen are leading the way in creating a new cannabis culture that is focused on the consumer.


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