Things We Love: LEAF Plug-N-Plant Home Grow System

Growing your own herbs and food has never been easier with the plug-n-plant LEAF system that automatically grows plants and food under the control of your smartphone. LEAF is like a mini fridge that stocks itself with high quality, pesticide free, natural herbs and food. Cultivators can grow a wide variety of plants including cherry tomatoes, kale, mint, strawberry, basil spinach, and marijuana. LEAF can grow all of these plants, but it is tailored for the cannabis space with features including a Carbon filter, HD camera, water sensing system, O2 enrichment system, water exchange system, and air control system.

LEAF considers itself an agricultural technology company with the amount of time, effort, and engineering involved in creating the device. To ensure the device produces the best quality cannabis, LEAF is equipped with automated climate control which includes temperature and humidity and water temperature. All of the features in the LEAF device is designed to allow anyone to grow high quality marijuana in the comfort of their own home with or without any previous knowledge of growing weed.


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