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7 Things That Sound Like Marijuana, But Aren’t

There are probably tens of thousands of nicknames for marijuana. Grass, weed, merry jane, etc. There are so many slang terms for marijuana you probably think some perfectly normal things are actually secretly cannabis.

Here are seven things that sound like marijuana, but aren’t:

1. Mamajuana

Mamajuana really, really sounds like marijuana. In fact, it’s only two letters away from being marijuana. But it’s actually a drink from the Dominican Republic that contains rum, red wine and honey. So definitely not marijuana.

2. Mahayana

It may rhyme with marijuana, but Mahayana is definitely not cannabis. It’s actually one of the two major philosophies of Buddhism. So if someone asks if you’re down with Mahayana, they’re not asking if you like to toke up.

3. Snog

Snog sort of sounds like fog, so it may sound like it’s referencing something smoky like consuming marijuana. But it’s actually British slang for kissing. That’s literally the least romantic word they could use for kissing.

4. Lilly Dilly

Lilly Dilly seems like either a British slang or Dr. Seuss word for marijuana. But it’s actually a slang word for frozen kool-aid served in a plastic cup.

5. Stashing

So stashing sounds more like a word that involves marijuana, like if you’re building up a big stash of cannabis, you’d call it stashing. But it actually means someone who’s in a relationship but won’t introduce their partner to their friends or family, usually because they don’t think it’s going to last long.

6. Greenies

Greenies is a term that does involve drugs, just not marijuana. Greenies was a popular term among baseball players for methamphetamine. Before the steroid era, players would put “greenies” into one of the team’s coffee pots so it would spike their energy before games. Nowadays you’d probably just take Ritalin instead.

7. Gungan

It may sound like a play off of ganja, but a Gungan is actually a race of aliens introduced in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. The infamous Jar-Jar Binks was a gungan.


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