5 Things You Can Learn From Just Smelling Your Cannabis

When going to purchase marijuana, you may not know 100 percent how to tell if a strain is high quality or low quality. But there are several ways you can figure it out, and some of them involve your nose.

Here are five things you can learn from smelling cannabis:

1. Taste

They say that your sense of smell actually determines most of what you taste anyways, but that’s especially true when it comes to cannabis. Whether your strain smells fruity and sweet or pungent and skunky, the taste will usually also mirror the smell of the strain.

2. Freshness

Another important thing you can tell from smelling your cannabis is how fresh it is. The smell should be strong and noticeable, some say that you should even be able to smell good marijuana through the bag.

3. Smells Like Marijuana

This may seem silly, but your marijuana should smell like marijuana. Bad cannabis will smell like hay or a similar dry plant. But basically if you smell your marijuana and it seems off to you, you should avoid it.

4. Oxygenation

This is similar to freshness, but a strong aroma from your cannabis also usually means it hasn’t been exposed to too much oxygen. Oxygen causes the aroma of marijuana to disappear, and prolonged exposure to oxygen also means your cannabis will degrade faster. So if you don’t get a strong aroma, it probably means your purchase won’t last too long.

5. Dampness

Sometimes looking at your marijuana won’t tell you whether it’s too wet or too dry. And while it may be difficult to tell if it’s too dry through smell, it should be easier to tell if it’s too wet. It will smell damp, like when you go outside after it’s just rained. Wet marijuana is usually more susceptible to mildew and mold, and should be avoided.


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