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These Sublingual Cannabis Strips Offer A Smoke-Free High In 15 Minutes

The days of stocking your carrying around cologne and breath mints, or anxiously whiffing your purse for weed smell may be coming to a close for some cannabis users, thanks to the emergence of sublingual cannabis strips. Strips like the ones made by OLO - a North California-based company - are incredibly thin, and refreshingly fast-acting. These ultra-slender wafers are packed in foil, and slipped under your tongue, where they dissolve in about 30-45 seconds, and deliver a lift in about fifteen minutes.

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According to Sierra Lewis, the Vice President of Product Development at OLO, the idea for the strips began as a quest to offer reliable and discreet access to cannabis for people who may not be in a position to smoke regularly: those who didn’t want to spark up in front of their kids, for example. “It was the most reliable, quickest, most precise way to deliver the dosage. If there was a better way to do it, we would have picked something else, but sublingual really gets the job done,” Lewis explained.

OLO strips do, indeed, get the job done. The 10 mg version delivers a strong yet focused high that feels distinctly different from what many users may be familiar with as an “edibles buzz.” OLO offers four 'experiences.' Focus, Active, Social, and Chill, each of which allow users to attain a high that aligns with the type of day or night they’re looking to have.

The Social strip is a refreshing option for people who prefer cannabis over alcohol at parties, but who wish to avoid the awkward experience of being too THC-tongue tied to carry on a conversation. Focus and Active both deliver a very energetic and fun high that gets you pumped to go on that long hike or crank up some tunes and finally clean the garage.

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“We began by identifying experiences. We first thought, ‘When people use cannabis, what do they want to do?’ We were able to think about four categories. Either they want to socialize, chill out, concentrate and get something done, or exercise and do something active,” Lewis explained.

After identifying these experiences, she and her team began experimenting first with flower strains, then with various combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes to formulate precise distillates that delivered the outcomes they were looking for. The result is a product that is reliable in both its dosage and in how it will impact the consumer.

The strip’s sleek packaging is metallic and emphasizes one of OLO’s signature characteristics: a functional buzz. These are strips for cannabis users who are busy, excited about life, and perhaps bound for a weekend festival where there isn’t room in the backpack for weed brownies.

According to Lewis, the discreet nature of the strips has won them favor among Baby Boomers, who perhaps can no longer smoke for health reasons, or are avoiding sugary candies.

There is also demand for the strips among those in the “Young hip entrepreneur category,” said Lewis. “People who want to enjoy cannabis in an innovative and consistent format. OLO is for anyone who’s on the go, and wants the high without the hassle. Stick it in your wallet, pop it under your tongue, and change the day you’re having.”

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For consumers new to OLO, Lewis recommends the Quartet variety pack — which offers a sampler of each experience, so that you can get to know which one you like best before buying a full pack of any one type. The sampler packs have the same count as the single-experience packs, and are priced the same. It’s fun comparing the various types to one another, and even more fun to sit down at the movies and remember that you wisely stored one in your jacket pocket the other day.


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