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These People Are Getting Paid $50 an Hour to Smoke Pot

Back in September, Toronto-based cannabis firm AHLOT put out a call for cannabis aficionados looking for a job testing cannabis. That’s right - they were looking to pay people to smoke pot.

Six months and nearly 25,000 applicants later, the positions have finally been filled.

AHLOT has posted introductions for their eight-person committee on their website. Initially, the company had planned to hire just five, but the huge influx of interest persuaded them to add three more positions.

The applicants range in ages and professions. Apart from their new jobs as cannabis testers, ranking among the committee are artists, health care professionals, business owners and former cannabis growers.

The samplers are paid $50 an hour to sample and assess a number of AHLOT cannabis strains and can earn up to $1000 a month over the year-long contract.

Samplers are also asked to serve as ambassadors for the brand, writing social media posts, appearing at company events and performing interviews. Participation in these aspects of the job are optional, however.


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