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These Luxury Cannabis Chocolates Are Taking The Guesswork Out Of Eating Edibles

“I didn’t think it was working.” Almost every cannabis consumer has at least one nightmarish edibles story that begins with those six fateful words. 

For those who prefer not to smoke cannabis, or who find themselves in scenarios where - for discretion's sake - they can't spark up, edibles can be a practical and useful method of consuming cannabis. Unfortunately, however, ingesting cannabis can be an unpredictable affair. Knowing how and when an edible will affect you often feels like a roll of the dice.

Unlike smoking, which delivers results almost immediately, there is a delay in the effects of eating cannabis — sometimes an hour or two — which is more than enough time to get one wondering whether the edible is working at all. (This is generally where the “So I took way more, and next thing I knew, I was at the grocery store thinking I’d been abducted by aliens who look like Big Bird” part of the story kicks in.)

Peter Barsoom and his company, 1906, are out to change the narrative around edibles with a line of chocolates that hit your system much more quickly, and deliver targeted and predictable results.  “One of our internal taglines is, ‘Impatience is a virtue,” Barsoom told Civilized. In 1906 chocolates, Barsoom has developed a delivery method for THC and CBD that takes just 15-20 minutes for the effects to be felt.

“What we do is called a lipid microencapsulation," Barsoom explained. "It's a technique that's actively used in the pharmaceutical industry,” Barsoom explained. “What that does is it binds up the THC in the CBD molecules with another fat. In this case, we use a medium chain fatty acid, and it works like a bullet train with the THC and the CBD as passengers gets into your stomach. It bypasses your first pass digestion, and gets into your bloodstream immediately, or within 15 to 20 minutes.”  

According to Barsoom, 1906's rapid delivery method has several practical aspects for cannabis users. By delivering results quickly, the edibles are a great option for consumers who generally prefer flower, and are used to the immediate results that smoking delivers. Reducing or eliminating wait times may also help consumers who are looking to replace substances like alcohol, which of course also brings about immediate results.

Another unique feature of 1906 chocolates, and one that will be of use to individuals seeking to replace cocktails or pharmaceuticals, is their targeted effects. The chocolates, which are each dosed out in increments of 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD, come in varieties like 'Go' (for body energy), 'High Love' (an aphrodisiac), 'Pause' (for relaxation) and 'Midnight' (for sleep).

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In order to deliver these specific effects, the cannabinoids are formulated alongside other plant medicines. The 'Go' chocolate, for example, contains caffeine and the neurotrophic theanine.

According to Barsoom, 1906 chocolates are geared more to adults over 30 than, in his words “The 25 year old dilly-dabber.” This is evident even in the packaging of the chocolates, which is sleek and professional-looking. One box contains three chocolates, which are shaped in sleek geometric gem designs. The high itself is also ideal for the cannabis user with things to check off their to-do list. The 'Go' chocolate delivers a very clean and focused high. It’s noticeable without feeling too intense, and is ideal for writing or any other kind of creative pursuit.

“We have the belief that you can be both high and functioning at the same time,” Barsoom explained.

According to Barsoom, the biochemistry behind this upbeat high lies in 1906’s delivery method. Because most edibles enter the bloodstream through the intestine, they bring about what is known as 11-hydroxy. “The effect that you get from edibles tends to make you feel a little bit more lethargic.” By contrast, allowing the THC to enter your bloodstream before it hits the intestinal tract gives you, “A much cleaner, clear high. That's the Delta 9 effect that you get from smoking.”

Presently, 1906 products are sold exclusively in Colorado, but the company has plans to unveil a new line of similarly-formulated beverages, which will be available in California this year. Soon, their products will also hit the New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Canadian markets as well.

Whether you’re looking for a day to day edible to replace or cut back on smoking, or you’re in the market for a creative gift for the productive cannabis user in your life, 1906 chocolates are an elegant and effective choice.

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