These Lip-Reading Passwords Pass For Strong

Scientists in Hong Kong might have just solved all your password problems. Professor Cheng Yiu-ming of Hong Kong Baptist University led a team of scientists to create a lip-reading software for passwords. The logic is simple, every pair of lips is different, so no two people will or can ever speak the same way, which makes it very difficult for anyone to mimic spoken passwords. This new software can also be combined with the already existing voice recognition, which will add an extra layer of security. Although, the technology isn’t yet available for commercial use, the scientists have a patent on it so one day we’ll be using lip-reading software on ATMs.  


Despite being one of the most overweight countries on Earth, the United States is one of the biggest waster of foods on the planet as well. And part of that is because we're too confused to understand expiration dates. A survey conducted by researchers at Johns Hopkins revealed that many Americans throw out food before it's needed.

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