These Law Enforcers Don't Want Jeff Sessions To Crack Down On Cannabis

Now that he's been sworn in as America's 84th Attorney General, Jeff Sessions -- an outspoken opponent of marijuana legalization -- now has the power to enforce cannabis prohibition in all 50 states plus Washington, D.C. But a group of law enforcers want him to stand down on the issue.

Yesterday, the advocacy group Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP) -- an advocacy group of retired police and other officers of the law -- released a statement urging Sessions not to go after the 29 states that have legalized medical marijuana or the 8 that have legalized recreational use.

"We urge the new Attorney General Jeff Sessions to uphold and respect 10th Amendment [i.e. the rights of states to determine their own laws]...and ensure state-legal marijuana businesses are protected from federal prosecution," Lieutenant Commander Diane Goldstein -- a retired California law enforcer and current LEAP board member -- wrote in the statement. "Our message remains the same regardless of new federal leadership - end the wasteful, destructive War on Drugs." 

Prior to January 2017, LEAP was known as Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. And while their name has changed, their mission to end the War on Drugs remains the same. As does their mission to convince Sessions, President Donald Trump and other top players in the federal government to realize that prohibition has been a costly, misguided and tragic failure.

Banner image: Sessions being sworn in at his confirmation hearing on January 10, 2017. (


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