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These Industries Are Most Likely to Produce Marijuana Users

There isn't really any demographic or characteristic that defines marijuana users. People of all races, genders and socioeconomic backgrounds all use cannabis. But apparently your profession may somewhat contribute to the likelihood that you're a stoner.

A new study published in the International Review of Psychiatry examined what types of professions were most likely to produce marijuana users. They looked at statistics from the 2013 and 2014 National Survey on Drug Use and Health data. Here were their results:

industries that produce marijuana users

So according to this data, 50.55 percent of people working in the food services industry use marijuana. The study didn't breakdown what type of job someone had each industry, so food service could include waiters, chefs, restaurant managers, dish washers, etc. Also there's quite a lot of people in the education industry using marijuana. We assume it's those hippie liberal arts professors smoking dope before lecturing students on Marxism!

The study also broke down whether a person's marijuana use was for medical reasons, recreational purposes or a mixture of both. While most professions were mostly recreational or mixed, jobs that require more manual labor like construction and mining were more likely to use cannabis medicinally. 

The researchers noted that there are conflicting studies about the use of marijuana in manual labor. Some say it has the possibility to increase workplace accidents and injuries, while others say it's actually helpful because it can help workers deal with pain and stress from their job.

All that pain and stress must be why all those waiters are smoking marijuana as well.

(h/t Marijuana Moment)


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