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These Storage Units Will Keep Your Cannabis Fresh And Free Of Molds

Say goodbye to your sad make-shift stash-holder. A Denver company is striving to bring the same level of hi-tech care exercised during cannabis production to the plant’s post-harvest phase.

Yofumo is a series of self-contained storage units meant to improve cannabis quality and user-safety across the supply chain, from grow to dispensary to consumer.

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Via gaseous ozone treatment, the units “[refine] all aspects of post-harvest drying, yeast and mold treatment, handling, security, transportation, specialty processing and curing, as well as long and short-term storage,” according to a press release.

Yofumo technology can be used to control molds, fungus and bacterial contamination on any biomass – including grains, herbs and teas.

“It’s a comprehensive, off-the-stem-to-the-pipe germ control program for cannabis… that allows you to sustain cannabis in a way that you’ve never been able to before,” Yofumo CEO and founder Alfonso Campalans told Civilized.

Campalans said Yofumo’s creators were inspired to develop the hi-tech storage units after noticing a “vacuum [in terms of] what happened to the plant after it was cut off the stem.”

“We want to apply as much technology and care to the off-plant treatment of the product as they do to the initial growing, caring and development of the product,” he said. “We also want to create some standards in terms of post-harvest care that ensure the integrity of the product.”

For Campalans, post-production storage was an essential gap to fill simply because “nobody wants to smoke a tainted product,” particularly those with compromised immune systems who are using cannabis for medical purposes.

“It's absolutely critical that the product they handle and consume be absolutely pristine and germicidal-free… our units control that.”

There are three commercial Yofumo units designed for grows and dispensaries – the Quad, the Pro and the Pro+, each customizable for the goals of individual businesses. The products are currently being beta-tested by several grows in Colorado and California.

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The commercial products will be officially launched to the public in January 2017, with two consumer units – the Pearl and the Classic – set to be released later in the year. The home units offer their own special benefits, said Campalans.

“If you buy from a dispensary that doesn’t deploy Yofumo technology, but you have a [Yofumo unit] at home, you can treat and remediate any product and assure yourself of a clean product regardless of the origin.”


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