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These Famous Movie Homes Could Be Yours (If You're A Multi-Millionaire)

Have you ever seen a house in a movie and thought to yourself: “What I wouldn’t do to put all my stuff in there”? You’re not alone, and in some cases, you could be in luck (if you happen to be a multi-millionaire, that is.)

Civilized has rounded up five of the most famous dwellings on the market right now; along with a few that have recently been snapped up by super-fans. Could one of them be your dream home? 

1. The ‘horse’s head’ mansion in The Godfather 

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This 30-bedroom, 40-bathroom monster of an estate in Beverly Hills will be fondly recalled by fans of the 1972 mob epic for the scene wherein movie producer Jack Woltz woke up with a horse’s head. Fans of "The Bodyguard" or friends of Rihanna and Prince Albert of Monaco (both of whom have had parties there) may also recognize it. The six-acre estate – replete with a 50,000 square foot main house, waterfalls and a swimming pool – is expected to put a buyer back more than $175-million.

2. The Victorian family home in Mrs. Doubtfire 

Mrs doubtfire house san francisco

The San Francisco house used for exterior shots of the film, photographed several days after Robin Williams' death. A fan-made tribute to Williams can be seen at its front steps. (

The sprawling San Francisco home that served as the set for the beloved 1993 classic is officially on the market. Host a blowout birthday party in the same living room where troubled dad Daniel Hillard (Robin Williams) pissed off his wife (Sally Field) so much that he had to resort to disguising himself as an old British nanny to see his kids! Eat takeout in the same dining room where Hillard tricked everyone into thinking he could provide for his family! The four-bedroom, two-story house designed in 1893 can be yours for a cool $4.45-million.

3. The summer home from The Big Chill

12 GC GlennClose TheBigChill

The five-bedroom property in South Carolina where Glenn Close and Kevin Kline’s college buddies gather in the 1983 film sold for $2.78-million in April of this year. Most of The Big Chill, including the renowned kitchen dancing scene, was filmed on this property, which includes wraparound porches on two levels. The home was also featured in the 1979 film The Great Santini.

4. The glass house in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 

Camerons House

Cameron's House in Ferris Bueller's Day Off - 370 Beech Street, Highland Park, Illinois (

Fans of the 1986 cult classic will remember with a cringe the scene in which Ferris’s best friend, Cameron, accidentally kicks his father’s shiny red Ferrari through one of this home’s fancy glass walls. The house in Illinois sold in 2014 for $1.06 million after being reduced from its original asking price of $2.3 million.

5. The shootout mansion in Beverly Hills Cop

Screen Shot 2016 10 03 at 3.29.40 PM

This eight-bedroom Mediterranean-style mansion in southern California played host to the 1984 action comedy’s bloody climax. The 1932 property on three acres of landscaped grounds – where a Detroit cop played by Eddie Murphy dismantles a narcotics empire – was on sale last year for $23 million.

h/t The Guardian

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