These Delicious Donuts Are Actually Glass Cannabis Pipes

A glassblower from Maine is making cannabis pipes that look good enough to eat.

Brian Owoc's business began as a hobby. Twenty years ago, he started making pipes and bongs modeled after donuts as a way to unwind after working long night shifts at Dunkin' Donuts. Then he decided to mix business with pleasure.

"One of those mornings behind my torch I thought to myself, 'Man, I want to make a glass donut pipe,'" Owoc told Forbes.

Owoc frosts a glass donut.

Now he's having trouble keeping up with demand for his glassware. His pieces sell not only in smoke shops across the country, but art galleries too. While the average price sits between $160 and $200 ,intricate pieces can fetch up to $1,800. And one special project done in collaboration with Colorado glassblower Calm netted $7,500. 

He's now even taking international orders via his website, KGB Glass. "It is a very busy time with no signs of slowing."

In fact, he thinks things will pick up because legalization is creating more demand for high-end pipes.

"I think legalization has made functional glass art more appealing to the masses," said Owoc. "The donuts seem to cross many demographics, because you can now purchase an intricate piece of art without worries of it getting taken by the police."

You might think he'd be sick of making glass donuts by now, but Owoc says he'll never get tired of of his sugary muse.

"[N]o two donuts are ever the same," he explained. "I see the donut as an infinite palette."

Homer Simpson would agree.

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