These Cannabis Teas Will Help You Have Better Sex. You’re Welcome.

Tea parties just got a lot sexier thanks to Amanda Jones and Jennifer Chapin. The co-founders of Kikoko are taking herbal refreshment to the next level with their line of cannabis-infused teas.

Each of Kikoko’s four teas provide a unique, targeted, and relatively mellow high. There’s Sympa-Tea for pain relief, Tranquil-Tea for sleep, Positivi-Tea for mood boosting. And then there's the steamiest of hot beverages — Sensuali-Tea, which heightens sexual pleasure, and promises to “intensify the Big O.”

Jones and Chapin arrived at the idea for the teas after a dear friend of theirs was diagnosed with cancer. While she found cannabis useful in treating her symptoms, she was averse to smoking it, and wanted a product that wouldn’t get her too high or have an overwhelming cannabis taste. “We blithely said, ‘We’ll make one for you,’” Jones told Civilized. “We chose tea,” she chuckled to herself, “The hardest delivery method.”

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Kikoko co-founders Amanda Jones and Jennifer Chapin (photo: Kathleen Harrison)

It took two and a half years and three teams of scientists to perfect the craft of making the proprietary oils at the nucleus of Kikoko’s potent herb blends. While most edibles use refined oils, Jones said she and her team “took it backward from what the industry was trending toward,” and developed a crude oil. That process allowed them to maintain some of the sativa properties of the Blue Dream strain they use for Sensuali-Tea. The oil works in concert with the other herbs sprinkled together in their delicate siren sachets — rose petals, orange peel, lavender and cloves — to leave you feeling relaxed, lifted, and euphoric as you sip.

The sweet spot for using cannabis to enhance sex is around 7 mg of THC, which is also the amount you'll find in the tea. When that dosage of THC gets picked up by the brain’s CB1 receptors, it impacts the central nervous system by helping the brain emit arousal hormones, according to Jones. The psychological effects of cannabis can be dually helpful in heightening sex, because “it allows our inhibitions to fall away without getting too crazy,” said Jones.

But it's not like flicking a light switch. The tea takes time to kick in, so Jones tells couples to have a cup (perhaps sharing if you are on the low tolerance side), then share a meal together before having sex. “Drink it a couple hours before. Have a fun time and great conversation, and then have sex.”

Sensuali-Tea does indeed produce a nice all over body high and a warm, relaxed head change that is conducive to a romantic night in. It’s mellow high is also ideal for anyone who enjoys using cannabis for sex, but sometimes finds themselves held back by the awkward conversation or moments of tongue-tied anxiety that sometimes come with being too high.

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(photo: John Whittle)

But Sensuali-Tea isn't just for sex. Jones also recommends it for platonic social gatherings. “It’s amazing what a social lubricant it is,” Jones said, recalling tea parties where Kikoko served Sensuali-Tea to guests. “As soon as the tea kicks in, the decibel levels go up, and people are making friendships, and they’re laughing and they’re bonding.”

Dosage on the teas is comparable to that in most well-titrated edibles, said Jones, noting that those with less cannabis experience should start with one of the lighter varieties (Sympa-Tea or Tranquili-Tea.) Like Sensuali-Tea, these also have a very soothing taste and aroma, and are perfect for unwinding after a long work day. They’ll also allow you to wake up on time the next morning, as they’re low enough dose to avoid residual grogginess.

So if you’re looking to replace your evening cocktail, or spice up your time between the sheets, give Kikiko teas a sip.

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(photo: Kathleen Harrison)

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