These Cannabis-Infused Tampons Are Designed To Fight Menstrual Pain

Cannabis-infused tampons are now a thing thanks to Foria - a health and wellness company specializing in cannabis-based products for women. Foria claims that these tampons will help manage the severe pain that many women experience during their menstrual cycle.

The tampons contain CBD, which is absorbed through the vaginal canal, alleviating pain for around an hour without making the user high, because the tampons don't contain THC.  

But before you whip out your credit card, be warned that these tampons come at a price of $44 for a pack of 4. And they aren't easy to get ahold of outside of California or Colorado. You should also keep in mind that the tampons haven't been approved by the FDA, which still doesn't recognize the medicinal value of cannabis, nor have the tampons been tested in clinical trials.

But Congress is under more and more pressure to loosen restrictions on cannabis. So these tampons and other cannabis products could soon be properly tested and approved for consumers in need of pain relief.


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