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These Cannabis Journals Help Patients And Growers Organize Their Thoughts

The need to be “proactive about your own health” has never felt more pressing for some medical marijuana patients across North America.

So says Charles McElroy, who designs tools for that very need.

McElroy is the founder of Goldleaf, which creates templated journals and notebooks for the cannabis patient and grower.

Goldleaf’s Patient Journal includes more than 25 pages of guided entry pages, timelines to help forecast the duration of a cannabis dose, blank strain lab result pages, cannabinoid and terpene effect infographics, and strain recommendations for various ailments.

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In other words, it’s designed to “empower patients by giving them the tools to accurately chart all the important factors in their therapy.”

“Our current system is pretty much making most people in this country - regardless of what state they’re in - have to be proactive about their own health. It forces you to self-diagnose, because there are [so few] standards on the medical side and the dispensary side,” McElroy tells Civilized.

“You could say, ‘Blue Dream really works great for my anxiety’, but then you might get Blue Dream at another dispensary and it’s going to be very different, because it was either grown differently or it’s a different strain altogether.

“That said, the Patient Journal focuses less on the strain-related attributes and more on the person and the process, because the way your body will react to cannabis is greatly influenced by things like: were you dehydrated? Have you eaten today? What other medication are you on? What time did you dose and how did you do it? How long did it last?”

The Goldleaf Patient Journal is formatted to make answering these kinds of critical questions easier and more approachable. It’s with this same philosophy that McElroy created the Goldleaf Grow Planner, which is meant to “hold your hand a bit” throughout the cannabis cultivation process.

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Featuring templated weekly entry pages for more than 20 weeks, McElroy says the Grow Planner is “ideal for growers who wish to plan out their garden, rotation, and feeding schedule in a clear and simple manor, and track their progress with an intuitive weekly entry look.”

The journal also includes pages dedicated to garden planning, harvest and tasting notes, and supply costs.

“It keeps you from forgetting any important data that might affect your grow,” says McElroy. “If you’re somebody who’s been [growing] for awhile, it’s a clean way to enter those points.

"Then, when you need to go back and refer to a previous grow to repeat some of your successes, it’s clear as day what happened and when, as opposed to a free-form journal where you’re going to be paging through reading after reading to what you’re looking for.”

McElroy says that for both the Patient Journal and the Grow Planner, the idea is to “make cannabis more approachable for people who are brand new to it.”

“I’m talking baby boomers or athletes or veterans or anyone else who wants to break through the stigma [of cannabis use] but doesn’t know where to start … That’s [why we designed] the journal to be science-forward and discreet,” he says. “It’s an enjoyable piece for somebody to add to their collection of tools, and it’s something that [signifies] a positive step forward for the cannabis conversation.”


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