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These Cannabis Advent Calendars Are A New Twist On A Holiday Staple

Sure, conventional advent calendars filled with little chocolate snowmen and reindeers are cool and all, but will they really help you get through the holiday season surrounded by your extended (read: eccentric) family?

Not like the Cannabis ADVENTure Calendars recently launched by Seattle’s Dockside Cannabis, they won’t.

Building on last year’s massive success, the folks over at 'Seattle’s Best Pot Shop' (five years running) are introducing four new 12-Day Cannabis ADVENTure Calendars.

“We loved introducing the first-of-its-kind Cannabis Advent Calendar last year and we’re even more excited this year to build on what’s been one of our most popular items by offering more choices. Last year people loved the variety of amazing products so much we sold out in the first week and had to re-order,” says Dockside Cannabis co-owner Maria Moses.

“We listened to our customers’ feedback and this year it’s about choosing your own adventure.”

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Each cannabis advent 'calendar' comes with a wide range of cannabis-friendly goodies // Photo Dockside Cannabis

Each ‘calendar’ includes 12 fabric bags filled with an assortment of Washington’s best cannabis products “to make this holiday season an adventure unlike any other.”

“It’s a unique take on an advent calendar that... makes for a really fun gift for the cannabis enthusiast,” Dockside Cannabis marketing manager Teri Bauer tells Civilized.

“They were really popular last year as people really liked the discovery aspect of... wondering which producer’s flower they were going to get, or whether there would be some new edible they’d never tried before. It’s fun to think: ‘what am I going to get today?’”

The unconventional calendars come in four different varieties based on price and product: the All Edible Journey for $79, the Staycation Sampler for $109, the Road Trip Sampler for $219, and the World Tour Sampler for $329.

Bauer says each calendar comes with a wide range of cannabis-friendly goodies.

“There could be anything from high-quality pre-rolls to flower to edibles to cartridges to paraphernalia,” she says.

“For us, it’s all about the surprise and delight of discovering new products, so... we only put top-notch stuff in these calendars.”

Each calendar comes in a tasteful gift box and is comprised of a series of small fabric bags, which can be strung together with five feet of cotton rope for decorating (included), or hung individually on a tree or mantle.

Bauer describes it as the perfect gift for the cannabis consumer who has everything, because “people won’t necessarily go out and buy 12 different cannabis products for themselves.”

Not to mention, of course, that they’re an ideal addition to any potentially stressful holiday gatherings.

“We kind of joke at the store that we’d better make these available before the holidays so people can survive all their family get-togethers,” says Bauer. “Who knows, they might need to dip into it a bit early.”

The calendars can be ordered online and are available for pick-up at Dockside Cannabis. And, hey, while you're there, you can check out the Cannabis Museum - an exhibition of pre-Prohibition era items and photographs housed within the store. 


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