These Are The Strangest Things People Tried To Bring On Planes In 2016

From time to time, we all struggle to remember what is and isn’t allowed onboard an airplane while packing our bags.

But if you’ve always had the common sense to leave your replica suicide vest or your Hello Kitty firearm at home before heading to the airport, you’re leaps and bounds ahead of some 2016 travellers.

In a new video, the Transportation Security Administration has released a list of the 10 most unusual things passengers tried to get through airport security in 2016. See below, or watch the befuddling video yourself.

1. Movie prop corpse

2. Post-apocalyptic bullet-adorned gas mask

3. Five-bladed flogger

4. Dead seahorses in a brandy bottle

5. Bladed dragon claw

6. Replica suicide vest

7. Golden hand grenade

8. Negan's bat “Lucille”

9. Hello Kitty firearm

10. Hand grenade trailer hitch cover


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