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These Are The Most Watched Netflix Shows In Every Country

Netflix subscribers now span the globe, and their tastes are as diverse as their geography.

There are now nearly 125 million Netflix subscribers worldwide, and as of this year most of them are outside of the US. With such a global audience, it should be no surprise that the most popular shows across the world can vary greatly across countries. High Speed Internet recently did some digging to find out exactly what people are watching in 2018 so far.

The World's Top 5

Top Overall

The world's most popular show is 3%, a dystopian thriller set and produced in Brazil. As the first Netflix Originals series to be shot in Portuguese, it has proven to be massively popular in places where that Romance language is commonly spoken. 3% was the number 1 show in Algeria, Angola, Brazil, Cameroon, Congo, Portugal, Senegal and Tunisia.

3% Trailer

The Runner Up

The South Korean produced fantasy romance series claims the number 2 spot on the world's most watched shows on Netflix. Unsurprisingly, most of its audience is located in Southeast Asia—with one glaring exception. It's not actually the most popular in its native country. South Koreans seem to prefer the darker tones of The Walking Dead.

My Love from the Star

Third Place

5 shows tied for third place. Controversial teen drama 13 Reasons Why is holding it down here, and Korean programming continues to prove that it's growing in popularity with the romcom series Boys Over Flowers. Crime dramas are well represented too with the likes of Bones and one of recent televisions greatest series, Breaking Bad. The recently wrapped up sci-fi thriller Sense8 claimed at third place ribbon as well.

Sense8 Trailer

Forth Place Tie

Coming in with a forth place tie are sci-fi phenomenon Stranger Things (which recently announced it's third season via a new teaser trailer) and Sherlock, the crime drama inspired by the classic series of detective drams.

Stranger Things Season 3 Teaser

Fifth Place

The television adaptation of the popular young adult murder novel series Pretty Little Liars commands the fifth spot on the list—some people might even kill for that.

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionist Trailer

Disappointing Revelations

The top show for Canadian Netflix streams? Well, it's the trope-ridden and largely un-funny Disjointed, of course. And just when we thought Canada was becoming a leader in normalizing cannabis culture and dispelling stereotypes, the Canadian Netflix fans had to go and do us dirty.


Pure Shame and Sadness

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