These Are The Most Anti-Cannabis Newspapers In America

If you're looking for some upbeat articles on the cannabis industry, you should definitely avoid certain newspapers, which tend to present marijuana-related stories in a negative light, according to a new study. By and large, these papers held a more conservative bent than most publications.  

The top 5 anti-cannabis papers are...

  • The Dallas Morning News comes in at the #1 spot with 37.9 percent of cannabis articles being written in a negative tone.
  • Tampa Tribune and Columbus Dispatch tie for second with 29.2 percent of their cannabis articles being negative.
  • The Wall Street Journal placed third with 29 percent of cannabis articles being negative.
  • and 23.1 percent of the Tulsa World's cannabis articles have a negative tone, making it forth.

On the flip side, newspapers that skew liberal tend to write about cannabis in a positive tone. Here are the top five:

  • The Columbus Dispatch was the most pro-cannabis newspaper going, with 37.1 percent of their cannabis articles written in a positive tone.
  • 37 percent of articles published by the New York Times were positive.
  • 35.8 percent of stories from The Seattle Times were positive toward cannabis.
  • 32.4 percent of Washington Post articles were kind to cannabis.
  • And the San Fransisco Chronicle wrote 31.9 percent of their cannabis articles in a positive tone.

That doesn't mean the majority of their stories were negative though. The study noted that - across the board - newspapers took a neutral tone toward marijuana. Which is in itself a positive thing given how cannabis has been demonized for decades in American society.

H/T: Marijuana Moment

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