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These Are The Five Most Gorgeous Hikes In Maine

The trails in Maine will take you though some of America's most beautiful, untouched landscapes, and they offer hikers stunning scenes of forests, mountains, and ocean coastline. So if Maine is your next hiking destination consider one of the five trails we've highlighted here based off recommendations from, and enjoy exploring the wilds of the Pine Tree State! Also check out if cannabis is legal in Maine.

The Bigelow Range Traverse is a 16.3-mile hike through conifer forests, along lengthy ridge walks and across six summits in the Bigelow Mountain Preserve. This hike is one of the Appalachian Trail's most challenging portions, and it winds through the heart of the Bigelow Range to treat explorers to scenes of alpine wilderness.

Blueberry Mountain Trail takes hikers on a 2-mile trek through woodlands and rock piles to the summit of Blueberry Mountain for clear 360-degree views of the surrounding Maine High Peaks Region. Keep an eye out for wildlife as you climb the well-maintained trail through hardwood forests until breaching the treeline to find areas dense with wild blueberry bushes you can feast on as you hike.

One of the most popular hikes in the Acadia National Park is the Cadillac North Ridge Trail through rocky, alpine terrain to the summit of Cadillac Mountain. You'll clearly see the village of Bar Harbor, Frenchman Bay, Dorr Mountain, the Porcupine Islands, Eagle Crag, and the Atlantic Ocean as you hike the 2.2-mile trail, and keep an eye out for migrating raptors.

The Gulf Hagas Rim Trail takes hikers through nearly 7 miles of the primitive area of the Katahdin Iron Works Multiple Use Forest to views of steep cliffs, old-growth forests, and Screw Auger Falls. Part of the Appalachian Trail corridor, be prepared to traverse some slippery rocks and cross the Pleasant River, which swells considerably after spring snow melts.

The 4.6-mile loop through the Camden Hills State Park to Mount Megaunticook and Mount Battie offers hikers the chance to see wildlife, the rocky coastline, and surrounding forests. From the Ocean Lookout ledges you'll have the best views of the harbor and village of Camden below, and on clear days you can make out the islands of Penobscot Bay.


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