These Are The First Communities In Maine to Approve Marijuana Businesses

After years and years of hard work and delays, Maine is gearing up to legalize recreational cannabis use for adults. And now we know more about exactly where you will be able to purchase it.

As we reported last month, individual municipalities in Maine will be allowed to opt in or out of allowing cannabis sales as they see fit. Now The Portland Press Herald reports that 14 communities have opted in to have marijuana businesses that sell, test, process and/or grow cannabis.

They are: Auburn, Bangor, Bowdoinham, Eustis, Farmington, Hallowell, Paris, Poland, South Portland and Waterville. Conditional access will be permitted in Etna, Mercer and Topsham. 

Of course, this is only the beginning. David Heidrich, spokesman for the state’s marijuana office, said that “the communities we’ve been able to touch base with have been in three categories: those that have proactively approached marijuana businesses, those that have waited for the state to finish rulemaking, and those that may have passed a moratorium and really have no interest."

While it’s a long way from turning cannabis into a Vacationland cottage industry, it’s an important start that’s a long time coming.


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