These are the Best Video Games to Play While You're High

If you're a gamer, nothing beats getting high and playing video games. At the E3 2019 conference, we asked attendees what the best and worst video games are to play while you're high — AND, which video game characters would probably smoke weed, themselves. With games that transport you into other worlds or have you transform your own identity, cannabis is the perfect match to make your gaming all the more interesting for you to sit back with your controller and enjoy the ride. 


We're three days away from CanEx Jamaica — a business conference and expo boasting at the Montego Bay Convention Center, boasting more than 2,000 delegates from over 30 countries, 200 exhibitors and sponsors, from cultivators to investment firms, and more than 60 speakers to discuss the shifting medicinal, legal, regulatory and business landscape of the cannabis industry. The conference is now in its fourth year, but if you've never been before, it can be an overwhelming task gauging what to expect. For that, look no further: Here's your guide to CanEx Jamaica 2019.

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