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These Are the 5 Most (and Least) Affordable European Travel Destinations

Looking to plan a summer getaway in Europe? Travel ain't cheap, so budget-minded tourists should be wary when choosing their destinations. Luckily the UK's Post Office makes trip planning a bit easier by publishing the City Cost Barometer—an annual price guide that ranks European hotspots based on how much it would cost to visit over a weekend.

The City Cost Barometer takes into account the average price of things like local beer and coffee as well as accommodation costs and the admission fees for notable tourist attractions in a given location. Then, they add up all those expenses to give you an estimated cost for a weekend trip.

Here are the top five most and least affordable places to visit in Europe.

Most Affordable

For a great trip that won't take a heavy toll on your wallet, consider visiting these places, which are listed along with the estimated cost of a weekend visit. 

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5. Bucharest, Romania—$224

Romania's capital city boasts the cheapest cost of admission for a city's top museum. Admission to the Theodor Pallady Museum in Bucharest costs a mere $2.60. On top of that, you can get 48 hours of unlimited access to the city's local transit system for a mere $4.20. 

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4. Istanbul, Turkey$222

The capital of Turkey is only slightly more affordable than Bucharest, but the savings come in some key areas. If you consider yourself a bit of a foodie, Istanbul might be the right place for you. The average cost of three evening meals for two (including a bottle of wine) costs less than $50 on average.

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3. Warsaw, Poland$214

If you're into castles and dynastic history, Poland's capital would appeal to you. A tour of the Polish Royal Castle in Warsaw costs $8.50, which makes it the cheapest castle to visit on this list. And if you happen to be a wine connoisseur, you're in luck: sampling the fruits of local vineyards only costs around $2.55 a glass.

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2. Belgrade, Serbia$202

Beer lovers should consider hitting up Belgrade on their next European trip. The Serbian capital has some of the cheapest brew around, with a bottle of local beer costing you only about $2.50. Belgrade's top art gallery also boasts the cheapest cost of admission on our list at $3 per ticket.

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1. Vilnius, Lithuania$196

The absolute budget king of affordable European destinations is Vilnius. The capital of Lithuania offers cheap accommodations at $93 for two nights in a three star hotel. And the average cup of coffee will only run you about $1.60.

The Top 5 Money is No Object Destinations

Unless you're a globetrotter with cash to burn, you should avoid these European destinations at all costs. 

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5. Copenhagen, Denmark—$548

The most expensive thing about Copenhagen is definitely the food. Visitors to the Danish capital can expect to cough up $172 for 2 people to eat for three nights.

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4. Helsinki, Finland—$586

Travellers are most likely to reel from the cost of wine in Helsinki. The Finnish capital charges around $14 for a single glass, so budget-minded wine lovers should consider traveling elsewhere.

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3. Oslo, Norway—$591

Beer lovers should be wary of Oslo, where the average price for a bottle of local suds is around $15. And getting around the Norwegian capital isn't cheap either. The price of hopping on a bus for a sightseeing tour runs more than $50.

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2. Amsterdam, Netherlands—$592

If you were hoping to take a trip out to Amsterdam to visit the Dutch capital's famous cannabis cafes, you might want to think twice unless you have deep pockets. While the cost of coffee at the notorious cafes isn't all that bad (sitting right around $3 a cup), the price of accommodations will make you want to drink enough java to avoid needing a place to crash. Staying two nights in a three star hotel for two people in Amsterdam is liable to run you $360, yikes!

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1. Reykjavik, Iceland—$616

Not much is affordable for tourists in Reykjavik, but the cost of transportation especially sticks out as a big expense. Buying a 48 hour pass for local transit in Iceland's capital costs a hefty $39.

h/t: CNN


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