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These 10 Cities Smoke The Most Weed In The World

The Guinness Book of World Records can tell you which city has the fastest internet connection, and which has the oldest restaurant, but it doesn't say which city smokes the most weed. Luckily, researchers at Seedo - a cannabis tech company based in Tel Aviv, Israel - are keeping track for us.

Earlier this year, Seedo released their 2018 Cannabis Price Index, which includes a list of the top 10 cities that consume the most marijuana in the world. Think your hometown tokes enough to make the cut? Check out the list below and see.

10. Toronto

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The only Canadian city on this list is also the largest metropolitan area in the country. Torontonians consume approximately 22.5 metric tonnes of marijuana per year. Which is about the same weight as 32 adult moose. 

9. Moscow

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The capital of Russia consumes 22.87 metric tonnes of marijuana every year, which is roughly the same as tonnage as 76 Siberian tigers. 

8. Chicago

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The Windy City puffs roughly 24.54 metric tonnes of marijuana every year. That's about as heavy as three of the massive jet engines used to fly Boeing 777s in and out of O'Hare International Airport.

7. London

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The capital of the UK consumes 31.4 metric tonnes of marijuana annually — more than twice the weight of the giant bell known as Big Ben.

6. Mumbai

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India's largest city smokes approximately 32.38 metric tonnes of marijuana annually, which is roughly the same weight as 99 full-sized Bengal tigers.

5. Cairo

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The Egyptian capital consumes 32.59 tonnes of marijuana every year, weighing the same as 13 of the blocks used to create the Great Pyramid of Giza.

4. Los Angeles

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The City of Angels smokes 36.06 metric tonnes of marijuana annually, which weighs the same as about 265 celebrity slabs from the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

3. New Delhi

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The capital of India consumes 38.26 metric tonnes of marijuana every year, which weighs the same as seven adult Indian elephants.

2. Karachi

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Pakistan's largest city burns roughly 41.95 metric tonnes of marijuana annually. That's over 5 tonnes heavier than a full-grown humpback whale.

1. New York

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For the full list, check out Seedo's report here.


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