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There's A (Slightly Less Obvious) Reason Why Sex Makes You Happy

It’s often neglected in favor of the main event, but now researchers say post-coital cuddling could actually play a major role in your overall happiness.

A new study published in Personality and Social Psychology found that the warm and fuzzy feeling you get from sex is largely due to the emotional connection you experience from cuddling afterward.

Researchers surveyed 335 random people in romantic relationships on their sexual frequency, life satisfaction and the frequency of their “affectionate touching”, which could include activities like kissing and cuddling.

Those who experienced a high frequency of both sex and affectionate touching reported being the most satisfied and happy with their lives in general. After investigating the data more closely, however, the researchers concluded that it was more-so the affectionate touching that brought people happiness over the sex itself.

“Sex seems not only beneficial because of its physiological or hedonic effects,” said researcher Anik Debrot, “but because it promotes a stronger and more positive connection with the partner.”

In other words? Your job isn’t done after that almighty ‘O.’ Put in the cuddle time afterward, and those good vibes could last all week.

h/t Maxim


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