There's a Robot-Proof Job But Men Just Aren’t Taking It

The jobs of the future are easy to imagine because technology is constantly changing, so they will most likely revolve around technology, but the jobs actually expected to grow the most involve building human relationships. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing is the job expected to grow the most in the next ten years. Even though nursing pays well and there is a high demand for it, there’s a huge portion of the population that have stayed away from nursing; men.

Even though there’s a high demand  for nursing and it pays well, in the United States nursing is still one of the most gender segregated jobs, with one man for every nine female nurses. Nursing has always been considered “women’s work” under the assumption that women are more caring and empathetic. This segregation is partly responsible for the international shortage of nurses, so scientists have enlisted the help of robots that act like nurses. These robots aren’t expected to completely replace nurses though, because the job requires trust and human connections, making nursing immune from automation and apparently also men. The men in nursing have said that this mindset is holding the world back though, so hopefully as nursing grows, the amount of male nurses will as well.   


Saying you work in cannabis is sure to raise some eyebrows. Some people might be curious, others might not take you seriously, and still others might ask how they can invest. These cannabis executives dish on the reactions they get when they say they work in the space, and how those reactions have evolved over the past 10 years.

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