The Worst Stoner Characters In Horror Movie History

Even though perceptions of cannabis consumers have improved over the years, stoner stereotypes have proven harder to kill than Jason Voorhees thanks to horror movies that keep cannabis cliches alive and well.

Here are the worst stoner characters in horror movie history.

5. Chuck and Chili, 'Friday the 13th Part III'

The 'Friday the 13th' series isn't known for character depth, so it's not surprising that the franchise's biggest stoners are as shallow as a puddle of bong water. We first meet Chuck and Chili while they're hot-boxing a van with a pregnant woman inside. But they don't care about that or anything other than smoking weed.

When a friend reminds them there are other things to do in life, Chuck — dressed like he's auditioning for Tommy Chong's stunt double — says, "Like what?" Then Chili adds, "I can't think of anything." That's why they're rarely seen without a joint in hand for the rest of the movie.

So, yeah, the only ones mourning their deaths are the makers of Zig-Zags.

4. Spencer, 'Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare'

Everyone knows the first rule to surviving a 'Nightmare on Elm Street' movie is to avoid falling asleep at all costs. So there's little sympathy for Spencer the stoner (played by Breckin Meyer), who decides to stretch out, smoke a joint and snooze — in Freddy Krueger's old house, of all places — after he was warned to stay awake.

In fact, the last thing he sees before dozing off is the ghost of his friend Carlos shouting, "Spencer, don't fall asleep, you stupid stoner!"

3. Everyone, 'Evil Bong'

This schlocky pot movie is basically a long, tedious slew of stoner stereotypes. The main characters are a trio of potheads who order a possessed bong because they're stupid stoners, and having a "killer bong" is just what they need to complete their man cave, which already looks like a head-shop threw up all over it.

After toking from the evil paraphernalia, they get transported to a demonic strip club where they become munchies for the dancers' cannibalistic bras. Seriously. And if none of that's stonery enough for you, just wait for the third act, where Tommy Chong makes an extended appearance. 

2. Bill Freeburg, 'Freddy Versus Jason'

The portrayal of cannabis use in 'Freddy vs. Jason' is so atrocious, even the producers of 'Reefer Madness' would probably say, "Guys, marijuana can't be this bad."

Like Spencer in 'Freddy's Dead,' Freeburg from 'FvJ' just can't stop toking, even when he's on a mission to save a generation of local kids from getting sliced up by Freddy Krueger. But unlike Spencer, Freeburg's smoke sesh ends with him getting possessed by Freddy and doing his bidding in the real world. So don't smoke pot or you'll become the puppet of a wise-cracking dream demon.

On top of all that, the character is a blatant ripoff of Jason Mewes' stoner from the 'Jay and Silent Bob' movies. Even the film's cast and producers have admitted it. That's why Mewes was invited to offer a little comic relief in the Elm Street documentary 'Never Sleep Again.'

1. Anton Tobias, 'Idle Hands'

Anton Tobias (Devon Sawa) is such a burnout, he can't even remember murdering his own parents after yet another night of smoking up and lying on the couch to watch music videos. He didn't mean to kill them, or his friends, of course. He's just such a lazy stoner, that his idle hand has become the proverbial playground for the devil. 

So the movie basically confirms everything Attorney General Jeff Sessions thinks about weed.


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