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The Priciest Champagne Is $1.8-Million. There's Also A Vending Machine Option For $20

New Years is a time for making resolutions, smooching your special someone at midnight and popping champagne corks. And some bottles of bubbly come with eye-popping prices that will leave your bank account feeling hung over. So if you're one to gripe about forking over a few hundred dollars for sparkling wine, take heart by checking out the most expensive champagnes in the world - and one cheap one.

10. Moët & Chandon Dom Pérignon White Gold

dom perignon white gold

Price tag: $2,613

Like many luxury wines, this champagne is pricey wine mainly because of the label. No, we're not talking about the prestigious Dom Pérignon name - although that does add to the cost. This limited edition bottle is plated in white gold and engraved using lasers. So just looking at it is intoxicating to the eyes. 

9. Champagne Krug Clos d'Ambonnay 1995


Price tag: $2,565

Made from the legendary pinot noir grapes from the French village of Ambonnay, this specialty champagne is called "clos" (meaning "closed") for a reason. The vineyard is just over half a hectare in size. 

8. Boërl & Kroff Brut

boerl kroff champagne

Price tag: $2,755

This ritzy bubbly comes from a small French vineyard that has produced champagne for elite connoisseurs. The vineyard was a favorite of former French President and World War II hero Charles de Gaulle, who enjoyed serving it to his dinner guests. 

7. Charles & Diana Dom Pérignon

Moet Chandon Charles Diana 1961

Price tag: $3,945

This 1961 champagne from Moet & Chandon was rechristened Charles & Diana after Charles, Prince of Wales and the late Princess Diana chose this vintage for their royal wedding in 1981.

6. Dom Pérignon Rosé 1998 by David Lynch

dom perignon david lynch

Price tag: $11,179

Auteur director David Lynch has been designing specialty labels and boxes for Dom Pérignon for almost 20 years now. But the most valuable is the limited 1998 rosé. So limited that only ten bottles designed by the director were released. One sip will have you saying, "That is a damn fine glass of bubbly."

5. Ace of Spades Swarovski Edition

Swarovski ace spades champagne

Price tag: $6,090

This limited edition of Armand de Brignac's signature Ace of Spades brand of champagne comes in an eye-catching bottle adorned with thousands of Swarovski gemstones. But would you expect anything less from a champagne producer owned by Jay Z? The rap icon -- known for rhyming about Cristal -- got into the bubbly business in 2014.

4. Krug Brut 1928

krug 1928 champagne

Price tag: $21,200

This dusty old bottle of bubbles doesn't have all the glitz and glamor of Jay Z's Ace of Spades. But it commands a hefty price because of its reputation. This pre-Depression vintage is "one of the greatest champagnes ever made" according to Serena Sutcliffe - a Master of Wine who is also the top champagne expert at Sotheby's. In 2009, a bottle of this extremely rare wine fold for $21,200 at auction.

3. Shipwrecked Heidsieck 1907

shipwrecked 1907 champagne

Price tag: $275,000

Most champagnes are aged in wine cellars. But not this 1907 vintage from Heidsieck. It was stored for over 80 years at the bottom of the Gulf of Finland. That's where it ended up when a Swedish freighter bound for Russia was sunk by German U-boats in 1916. The ship was on a liquor run for the court of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, an enemy of Germany during World War I. So Kaiser Wilhelm II torpedoed the tsar's party - literally. 

The cargo remained there underwater until divers discovered the wreck in 1998 and salvaged 2,000 bottles of bubbly.

2. Taste of Diamonds

champagne Gout de Diamants

Price tag: $1.8-million

The world's most expensive champagne is called Goût de Diamants ("Taste of Diamonds"). And like many other luxury champagnes, you're paying more for the name than the content. But in this case, the name is your own - engraved on the bottle's 18 karat solid white gold label. The bottle also comes adorned with a flawless 19 carat white diamond.

To beat that, you'd have to strap Rose's necklace from Titanic onto a bottle and make the bubbles sing My Heart Will Go On.

1. Champagne Vending Machine

champagne vending machine

(Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Price tag: $20

Diamonds are nice and all. But if you value convenience more than luxury, the best champagne doesn't come from a wine rack but a vending machine in Las Vegas. The 23rd floor Sky Lobby of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on the Las Vegas strip. For one green Andrew Jackson, you can pick up a small bottle of Moët and Chandon bubbles from the only vending machine of its kind. And that's priceless. 

But we have a feeling this is one thing happening in Vegas that won't stay in Vegas.


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