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The World’s Biggest Sleep Study Says Oversleeping Is Just As Bad As Not Getting Enough Rest

Everybody needs their beauty sleep, just don't over do it, according to a new study that says oversleeping is just as bad as not getting enough sleep. 

A group of researches from the University of Western Ontario have recently completed the world's largest ever sleep study. The results of which are largely unsurprising. The study confirmed that sleeping seven to eight hours a night is needed to keep your brain healthy and that any less than that will hamper things like reasoning skills.

Nothing new there. However, the researchers did make one startling conclusion. Sleeping more than eight hours has the same negative effects as not sleeping enough.

"We found that the optimum amount of sleep to keep your brain performing its best is seven to eight hours every night and that corresponds to what the doctors will tell you [you] need to keep your body in tip-top shape, as well," Conor Wild - the study's lead author - told New Atlas.

"We also found that people that slept more than that amount were equally impaired as those who slept too little," Wild added.

The researchers collected their data from over 10,000 participants via an online survey. Participants would record how many hours they had slept the night before and then perform 12 tests that evaluated cognitive functioning. The results created a nice U-shaped curve where the researches could see that both too little and too much sleep caused the same cognitive impairments.

And while researches don't know for sure why oversleeping prevents you from reaching your cognitive peak, they suggest it may be because of "longer and more intense sleep inertia." Sleep inertia is that groggy state you experience just after you wake up. That means sleeping too much could lead you to stay in this state for expended periods of time.

So, while we know poor sleep patterns are a major issue in North America, oversleeping won't solve the problem.


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