The Sisters of the Valley is a medical marijuana cultivator and business run completely by nuns. Founded by Sister Kate, who compares what they’re doing to Build-A-Bear, “We are like building our own religion… and we’re doing it together. We are trying to combine three things - spirituality, activism, and service to the people.” Just like sisters, the nuns pray, work, and live together while running their cannabis business in a number of departments. The Sisters’ most popular product is their CBD Salve, a multi-purpose topical that alleviates pain and promotes health, “The Salve is a topical, you put it on anywhere you’re hurting, or if you have a burn… I’ll just put a little bit on, I don’t need that much for a burn, and the next day it won’t even be there.” The Sisters have set themselves apart from other cultivators by bringing back the ancient practice of combining spirituality with cannabis.