Bus Drives in Front of Cameraman Trying to Record the Demolition of Historic Stadium

After an initial delay in April, the Georgia Dome, home of the Falcons for 25 years, was imploded on November 20, 2017. The Dome was home to two Super Bowls, but now it’s being replaced with a modern center for sports, the $1.6 billion Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The new stadium is located next door to the old Dome, so fans and players can enjoy games in the same place.

During the implosion, which promised to be a powerful sight, a crew from The Weather Channel setup a camera at a seemingly perfect location across the street from the Dome to livestream the destruction. The explosives went off for 12 seconds before crumbling to the ground in a rubble of smoke, which the The Weather Channel unfortunately missed because of a large bus blocking their shot. As the building began to implode, a bus drove right in front of the camera, causing editor James Crugnale to yell in frustration, “No bus, get out of the way. Bus!” The bus drove off just as the Dome crumbled to the ground, which The Weather Channel then jokingly posted with the caption “Bus Photobombs The Weather Channel's Stream of Georgia Dome Implosion”.   


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