The Ultimate Party Pooper: This Device Alerts You When There's A Party Going On At Your House

Are you a parent of prospective partiers – or simply a devoted-yet-distressed Airbnb host?

A new device is aiming to squash any fears you might have when telling the kids – or your houseguests – that you’re going away for the weekend.

Party Squasher is a router-connected black box that monitors the number of nearby cellphones and alerts its user when it detects too many. In others words, it “[keeps] your home protected from party disasters”, according to the website.


A party disaster was, in fact, precisely what inspired the idea for the device, according to manufacturer, which makes phone-detecting devices for retail companies looking to calculate foot traffic.

After Airbnb host and entrepreneur Amanda Mills came home to a trashed house, she approached to create a version of their trademark devices specifically catered to the home. 

Once hooked up to your router, Party Squasher counts the mobile devices in its vicinity, even if they aren’t connected to Wi-Fi. Users can even customize the device to their home size via the Party Squasher app.

“In case of a party, there is sure to be a spike,” states the website.

“You’ll get a text message, so you can call the guest to find out what’s going on.”

You might say it’s never been quite so easy to be a wet blanket.

h/t Forbes  


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