The U.S. Capitol Smoke Out

On April 20th, cannabis supporters gathered at the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. to celebrate 420 and to comply with the law. The festivities also included a free-joint giveaway since it’s legal to possess small amounts of marijuana and give it away for free in the District of Columbia. Although they were attempting to respect the law, the gathering led to eight arrests, two of which face potential federal charges for possessing more than the allowed two ounce limit. Marijuana supporters returned to the U.S. Capitol on Monday afternoon to coordinate a “smoke-in” in response to the arrests. At exactly 4:20 p.m., activists are lighting up and smoking although consuming cannabis in public remains illegal.  


The majority of cannabis consumers in America aren't particularly outspoken about their affection for marijuana. But just because they're in the cannabis closet doesn't mean they're opposed to being heard when it comes to other issues. In fact, it looks like cannabis consumers are shaping up to be a silent swing vote in the 2020 election, according to Civilized's 2019 Cannabis Culture Poll.

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