For an Insane Amount of Money, You Can See the Titanic

More than a century after the Titanic’s first and only voyage, it is still the ultimate in luxury travel. Starting in May 2018, the travel company Blue Marble Private with the help of OceanGate Expeditions, will send tourists to the Titanic’s remains at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Tourists who wish to see the Titanic have to pay $105,129 per person, which after inflation, is equivalent to a first class ticket on the Titanic in 1912. The eight-day journey will begin in Newfoundland, Canada, and will transport passengers to a titanium-and-carbon-fiber submersible where they will rest more than two miles below the surface.  


Adrienne, a budtender at the Higher Path Collective in Los Angeles, is used to dealing with customers who might be too high. Whether they come into the dispensary confused about what they want to buy, or they're calling in when they eat too much of an edible, Adrienne knows just what to say to help them calm down. A word of advice: Never eat the whole edible, if you're not sure how it will affect you.

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