The Swiss Aren't Neutral In Cannabis

In 2011, Switzerland legalized the sale of low-THC cannabis, but only recently saw a spike in sales. Last year, some shops began selling this low-THC cannabis as a healthier alternative to tobacco and now, retailers are struggling to keep up with demand. The demand is so high that even marijuana wholesaler, KannaSwiss, increased their number of employees in the last few months from 5 to 20, while still struggling to match demand. Even though these low-THC products don’t have the same psychoactive effect as cannabis with normal levels of THC, some in the medical field and police are concerned of the drug’s other health risks.  


Academy Award winning filmmaker Spike Jonze has been tapped by the upscale cannabis producer and retailer MedMen to direct a short film on cannabis history. There are few details available about Jonze's cannabis focused short film for the California-based dispensary chain. However, Jesse Williams of 'Grey's Anatomy' fame is slated to appear in the film and shooting has already begun in LA, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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