The Sushi Blunt Will Make You Extremely Hungry

Have you ever looked at a fresh, delicious sushi roll and wondered, "What if that, but with weed?" Well, the folks over at VICELAND have.

In this clip from 'Bong Appétit', chef Yoya Takahashi uses a bamboo mat to make a blunt in the style of a sushi roll. And what makes up a sushi blunt? Tobacco leaf instead of a seaweed wrap, for starters - plus the filling is enough to make the most dedicated weed enthusiast weep. We're talking Fire OG instead of rice, plus "gigantic" THCA crystals, shatter and more. It's enough to make one of the hosts ask, "is this too much?"

Check out the video below. What would you put in your ideal sushi blunt?

How to Roll a Sushi Blunt

Learn how to roll a big, fat sushi blunt. 🍣🍃 (via VICELAND)

Posted by VICE on Friday, August 18, 2017


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