Sriracha has become a condiment staple, which can be traced back to 1975, when Vietnamese refugee David Tran fled his country to United States, where he became the founder and current CEO of Huy Fong Foods. Following the Vietnam War, Tran fled his country to move to Los Angeles, where he began to build his hot sauce empire. Tran noticed a demand for hot sauce among Southeast Asian immigrants in Los Angeles, so he began making the sauce Pepper Sa-te, which he made in a bucket and sold via a bicycle. Tran then began experimenting with local ingredients, creating the recipe for Siracha, which he continued to sell next to his Pepper Sa-te with his famous rooster logo. Now, other companies have introduced their own versions of Siracha sauce because Tran never trademarked the name, but Huy Fong Foods is the original and according to Tran, best Siracha sauce on the market.