The Sisters Of The Valley Pray And Sell Pot

Sisters of the Valley is a medical cannabis company in California’s Central Valley that is completely run by nuns. The founder, Sister Kate, created the company to erase the negative stigma surrounding the plant and to provide jobs for women who believe in marijuana’s healing powers. In 2016, the Sisters earned roughly $750,000 in sales, but they haven’t been profitable since a lot of their money is currently tied up in credit card processing and banking. The sisters’ livelihood is also constantly being threatened by local and federal governments, so they’re currently in the process of purchasing a foreclosed home in Merced County.

Would you become a weed nun if you had the chance?


Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) isn't the most vocal cannabis advocate on the 2020 presidential campaign trail, but you shouldn't take that as a lack of support for marijuana legalization. Unlike many of the top contenders for the upcoming Democratic primaries, Ryan hasn't filed any of his own cannabis legalization bills.

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