The Selfie Stick Is Getting A 'Less Annoying' Upgrade

There’s nothing like capturing your own special moment with the Eiffel Tower, or Stonehenge, or the Egyptian pyramids… and dozens upon dozens of Selfie Sticks.

It’s an experience with which modern-day tourists have become painfully familiar – the veritable swordfight of Selfie Sticks at any given tourism hotspot as everyone tries to get the perfect Facebook profile picture.

Now, the inventor of the original Selife Stick is coming out with a new product he swears will be “less annoying.”

It’s called the ‘Selfie Stick It’, and it will allow users to affix their phones to a wall and stand back while taking a photo. They will then be able to easily remove their phones from the surface, supposedly without leaving a trace.

When Wayne Fromm invented the Selfie Stick in 2005, he first coined it the Quik Pod and patented the device. Knock-offs of the device soon took over, so Fromm says he is taking precautions to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself.

The device is set to premiere on The Shopping Channel this spring, and it couldn’t come soon enough. The Selfie Stick has already been banned from Disney World and a number of museums around the world.

What provisions Fromm is planning to put in place to keep people from snatching your phone and bolting the moment you step away from it to take a photo remains unclear. Perhaps see the Selfie Stick It with built-in skunk spray isn’t too far off.

h/t Travel and Leisure


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