The Secret Service Is Loosening Its Marijuana Policy

Former cannabis users won't have as tough of a time applying for the Secret Service. Earlier this week, CNN reported that the agency tasked with protecting the president's life is hoping to grow their ranks by loosening their marijuana policy.

The new policy - which went into effect last month - will no longer disqualify job applicants as readily as the previous rules. In the past, the Secret Service had a cap on the number of times a person could consume cannabis before they were considered unfit for duty. Now, they will take into consideration how long a person has gone since the last time they touched a joint, vape, edible, etc.

So hypothetically speaking, a person who gave up pot 5 years ago could still be considered for the job even if they were a chronic toker back in the day. Unfortunately, we have to speak in hypothetical terms because the agency didn't provide specifics abut the new cannabis policy.

But we do know why the move was made. 

"The change to the drug an acknowledgment that marijuana is more prevalent in today's society, and will allow for a younger generation of applicants, many of whom have experimented with the drug when they were teenagers, access to the hiring process," CNN's David Shortell reported

And to make sure applicants don't lie about their use, they still have to take part in a polygraph test before they can join the growing ranks of agents. 

Randolph Alles - the head of the Secret Service - explained that the country needs to add more personnel in response to the increasing number of threats facing America right now, and to protect President Donald Trump's large family.

"We need more people," Alles told CNN. "The mission has changed. It's more dynamic and way more dangerous than it has been in years past. I think between that and the fact that he has a larger family, that's just more stress on the organization."

So if you don't mind giving up cannabis, and you can stomach hanging out with the Trumps, you might have a future in the Secret Service. But we'd rather puff, puff, pass on that.


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