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Remember When Mark From 'The Room' Smoked A Joint And Tried To Throw Someone Off A Building?

To say there’s a lot to unpack in Tommy Wiseau’s 'The Room' may very well be the understatement of the century.

While we can only assume no one will do a better job at said unpacking than James Franco – director and star of the upcoming comedy about the making of a film widely believed to be the worst of all time – we couldn’t help but reflect on one of our favourite scenes ahead of The Disaster Artist's release on Dec. 1.

Of course, by ‘favorite’, we mean the one scene whose utter ludicrousness arguably surmounts all others – and that’s saying a lot.

Fans of the trash classic will recall the scene wherein Mark (Greg Sestero) – frenemy of Johnny (Wiseau) – is caught smoking a joint on the rooftop by his psychiatrist friend Peter (Kyle Vogt).

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The two proceed to have a standoff about Mark’s cannabis use – featuring such gems as “Why are you smoking that crap?” and “No wonder you can’t think straight. It’s going to screw with your head.”

That exchange alone would be enough to convince viewers that – just like with women – Wiseau has some real old-school (read: deeply troubling) opinions about cannabis.

But then, of course, things reach a whole new level of bat-shit insane.

After Peter accuses Mark of having an affair with Lisa, Mark literally tries to kill him by dangling him over the edge of the building.

While he quickly regains his composure and offers Peter a meek apology, the message Wiseau is oh-so-subtly hinting at comes across loud and clear: cannabis use will send you into a murderous rage.

That said, Wiseau seems to have relaxed his stance on cannabis in recent years. In an interview with Splinter this May, Wiseau was asked whether he’s in favor of legalizing cannabis.

“I’m not a politician, but to be honest with you, way too many restrictions. All this stuff does not make sense, with due respect,” said Wiseau.

“I think our politicians are completely off the wall; that’s my take on that. Person should be arrested by smoking joint or something like that is completely nonsense. Because what’s the difference between alcohol and joint, marijuana? None.”

Hear that, Peter?


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