Watch Dwayne The Rock' Johnson's 2020 Presidential Campaign Ad - Made By Jimmy Kimmel

If Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson seriously wants to run against President Donald Trump in the 2020 election, Jimmy Kimmel has the perfect campaign commercial for him.

The Rock recently sparked speculation about his presidential ambitions in a recent interview with GQ's Caity Weater.

"Johnson doesn't hesitate when I ask him whether he honestly might one day give up his life as the highest-paid movie star on earth—which is unquestionably easier, more fun, and more lucrative than being president of the United States—in order to run for office. 'I think that it's a real possibility,” he says solemnly."

And the electorate is warming up to the possibility of a third President Johnson. According to a Public Policy Poll released on May 16, The Rock would beat Trump 42-37 percent in a general election. And Jimmy Kimmel has already become the first celebrity to endorse his campaign

"While it may sound crazy, when you really look at it, he does have qualifications to be president" based on his film roles, the comedian said earlier this week on Jimmy Kimmel Live! "He's served in the military [G.I. Joe: Retaliation], he's worked in the CIA [Central Intelligence], he handled natural disasters [San Andreas], he protects our oceans [Baywatch] it's not so outrageous."

And to help the burgeoning campaign, he put together a promo reel based on The Rock's and Donald Trump's appearances at WWE events.



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