The Safest, Healthiest, Richest Cities In The World

London, New York, or Paris might have the "wow" factor, but they're not the most liveable places in the world - at least, according to The Economist.

Mid-sized cities in wealthier countries with lower population-densities beat most major metropolises in the magazine's ranking, which evaluates 140 cities on 30 factors like safety, healthcare, education, infrastructure and environment. No American cities made the top 10. Canada did better with Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary all making the top 10.

All is not lost for the U.S., as it fared better on Business Insider Prosperity Index, which ranks the overall wealth of 142 countries on factors like per-capita GDP, full-time employment rates, and how well-rested people feel on a day-to-day basis. America came in 11th with the highest score in the health category, but among the lowest in the world on safety and security.

Canada, meanwhile, came in sixth, with the highest levels of personal freedom.

The fjords and breathtaking historic cityscapes of Norway have more than aesthetic appeal. Once again, the Scandinavian country came in first, as it has for past seven years, based on its performance across economy, education, personal freedom and health.

It's the only country ranked in the top 10 of every subindex. Wanna see how other countries stack up? Check out the full list here.

h/t Business Insider, The Economist, The Independent


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