These Are The 10 Unhealthiest States In America

Here’s a list you won’t want to find your home state on.

The United Health Foundation has released its 27th annual list of America’s unhealthiest states, which can all be found in the southeast U.S. this year. The rankings are based on data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Medical Association and the Census bureau, and take into account factors like obesity, air pollution and poverty.

"We are at a critical crossroads," when it comes to our health, Dr. Reed Tuckson, a medical advisor to UHF told Business Insider

Hawaii, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Minnesota and Vermont took home the titles of the top five healthiest states. Tuckson said that what put these states on top were their comprehensive approaches to disease prevention and health promotion. 

Below are the 10 unhealthiest states, with Mississippi ranked the most unhealthy, according to the report: 

1. Mississippi

The most physically inactive state, with a high prevalence of smoking.

2. Louisiana

High rates of obesity and infant mortality. 

3. Arkansas

High prevalence of obesity and smoking, as well as the fewest dentists per 100,000 people of 50 states.

4. Alabama

High prevalence of smoking, increasing rate of physical inactivity and drug-related deaths.

5. Oklahoma

High smoking prevalence and high cardiovascular death rate.

6. Kentucky

High prevalence of smoking and a high rate of cancer deaths.

7. Tennessee

Among  the highest violent crime rates, lowest HPV immunization rates for men in the country and a high prevalence of smoking.

8. West Virginia

High prevalence of diabetes, mental distress and drug-related deaths.

9. South Carolina

Relatively high infectious disease rate and low teen vaccination rates.

10. Georgia

Some of the highest child poverty rates and a fairly low percentage of insured people.

h/t IFLScience, Business Insider.

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