The Real Reason Amelia Earhart Is So Famous

Amelia Earhart is a record breaking pioneer of aviation, but that isn’t the real reason why she is famous. Earhart was surrounded by a number of other talented female pilots, but only she was recognized as the first and “greatest female pilot of her time.” These other pilots faded into obscurity as Earhart rose to fame because she was “the right sort of girl.” Wealthy socialite Amy Phipps Guest wanted to become the first woman to fly over the Atlantic Ocean, but she ultimately decided to sponsor a young female pilot to make the historic trip. With the help of G.P. Putnam, Guest chose enthusiastic amateur pilot Amelia Earhart, because she struck a strong resemblance to American icon Charles Lindbergh. Hoping to create another icon, Putnam orchestrated Earhart’s career to make headlines and gain fame, the only way to make a living in aviation.  


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